Russia 2018 is the most expensive World Cup ever

The estimated cost of the world event reaches the amount of fourteen billion dollars

The budget for FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 was modified 35 times, according to financial analysts statements a few hours before the opening of the biggest sporting event of the year. It handles a figure of 14 billion dollars, which represents on average 40% more than Brazil 2014 and almost twice the budget for South Africa 2010.

The expense includes all aspects related to the organization, logistics, physical spaces, transfers, lodging, security, award ceremonies, among others. As it can be predicted, a world cup requires the construction of stadiums and the repair of existing ones. In addition to the expansion of roads, as well as the conditioning of the hotels where the participating teams will stay.

One aspect that catches the attention of the analysts from Statista are the prizes that will be awarded to the selections and clubs as compensation. It is the highest amount of the 21 editions of the World Cup: 791 million dollars.

According to a FIFA statement, each qualifier will receive $ 1.5 million for the preparations, which have been paid before the competition. Also, a fund of $ 400 million has been allocated for the selections, of which 38 million will be for the champion, 28 for the second place, the third place will get 24 million and the fourth 22 million dollars.

Spokespersons of the rating agency Moody’s doubt that the Russia World Cup 2018 may have a positive impact on the country’s economy, since the required investment exceeded expectations and the retribution for the construction of the necessary stadiums for the matches could be null.


Source: Business Insider

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