Renault Morphoz, the new electric car that stretches and shrinks

The vehicle has the ability to stretch to make space for a second battery and go from 400 to 700 km of autonomy

Renault launched on Monday its new concept electronic car Morphoz. The vehicle has the ability to stretch and shrink giving the driver comfort and convenience at all times. The innovative attraction of the vehicle is that when it stretches it manages to give space to a second 50 kWh battery going from 400 to 700 km of autonomy.

For the manufacture of the model, Renault used the new 100% electric modular platform called CMF-EV, which makes it possible to make a zero emission prototype and rechargeable by induction, even when circulating.

Thanks to the platform, it has been possible to build a thinner battery and make a body more attached to the road, with a less high roof to win in aerodynamics and a shorter hood that allows to lengthen the cabin.

Morphoz changes length

The modularity is undoubtedly the peculiarity of this vehicle, because depending on its use Morphoz can change length and go from 4.40 to 4.80 meters. The first length called City has an ideal configuration for urban and peri-urban uses with a 40 kWh battery and the other extension called Travel houses an additional 50 Whk battery pack, increasing capacity up to 90 kWh and autonomy up to 700 km.

For its part, the French firm said that by 2025 the mobility of most of the vehicles sponsored by the brand will be electric, autonomous and shared, leading them to develop a “smart and modular” concept.

K. Villarroel

Source: Elcomercio

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