Red bitcoin ranks among the top 50 energy consumers

The Cambridge University tool indicated that it is located in position 41, surpassing countries such as Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, among others

The bitcoin network, which supports the cryptocurrency of the same name worldwide, is ranked 41st among the countries that consume the most energy with 64.97 terawatt hours (TWh) for a year.

According to the Cambridge University tool that measures the energy consumption made by the Bitcoin network in real time, known as the “Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI)”, it is estimated that the cryptocurrency consumes 6.16 gigawatts ( GW), which translates to 64.97 TWh per year.

In this sense, the Bitcoin network is ranked 41st among the countries that consume the most energy, surpassing Austria (64.6 TWh), the Czech Republic (62.34 TWh), Switzerland (58.46 TWh) or Kuwait ( 57.78 TWh).

The study also indicates that bitcoin represents 0.26% of total electricity production worldwide, which is 25,082 TWh, and 0.3% of total electricity consumption, which is 20,863 TWh.

Likewise, according to the study, the global production of hydroelectric energy, which is 4,164 TWh, could cover 64 times the consumption of the bitcoin network.

For its part, energy from biofuels and waste, with 577 TWh, would cover up to 9 times the consumption of the Bitcoin network, while solar, wind and others, with 1,405 TWh, would cover it up to 22 times.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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