Rafael Núñez: The technological influence in the country goes beyond the transformation

The cyber security specialist will talk about Ethical Hacking in the forum on November 7th at Unimet

Betting on technological change in times of crisis, in addition to providing guidance on ethical hacking, are the purpose and some of the issues to be addressed by Rafael Núñez Aponte, director of the Committee on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) during the “Technological Transformation in Venezuela Today” forum that will be held by the Venezuelan-British Chamber of Commerce (CVBC) on November 7th at the Metropolitan University of Caracas (Unimet).

Threats and cyber attacks, against which organizations may be vulnerable and must be shielded, will be explained by Núñez. “During my presentation we will study a little what are the tools that we can use technologically to avoid frauds and malicious cybernetic instructions and, above all, to protect the national cyberdefense An Ethical Hacker knows and identifies how a malicious hacker thinks”.

The CEO of MasQueDigital (MQD) and MasQueSeguridad (MQS) indicated that, when an organization contracts and carries out an Ethical Hacking program, this allows the construction of secure information systems, prevents the unauthorized access of cybercriminals, mitigates the risk and, very importantly, maintains the confidence of its customers.

Technological growth, in the sights of today’s youth

Núñez shared the importance of technological influence in the country. “Today, many people want the technological stagnation in which we find ourselves to change. In the past we reached a certain development; we even had some advantage in certain aspects, but all of a sudden that changed. Despite this, we are seeing how countries in the world considered digital powers want to invest in ours to take advantage of the human talent we have. “

The expert in computer security stressed that in Venezuela there are students who are focused on staying and contribute with their talent in terms of knowledge and tools that can strengthen social and economic values.

The theme of the flight of talent is a strategic point in the technological transformation of today’s Venezuela. “We believe that we can retain these brilliant minds through technological initiatives that help the development of the country, and in some way grow, evolve and innovate in Venezuela,” stressed the director of the ICT Committee of the BritCham.

Contribution of the Venezuelan-British Chamber of Commerce

On the other hand, Núñez noted the enormous utility of the ICT Committee, together with the Venezuelan-British Chamber of Commerce, in the realization of this type of activities, which serve for development, brainstorming and providing encouragement to entrepreneurs .

“There are few cameras that focus on the nation’s advanced students. That is why I want to highlight and summon the student community to the forum that we will have next November 7th at the Metropolitan University on technological transformation. It can help us to change the country positively with respect to many values. And I also urge them to come together to learn, influence and help the Venezuelan society, which so needs our contribution, affection and participation “, concluded Núñez.

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