Ethical Hacking: A strategic need of corporations

The expert in digital security, Rafael Núñez, adverted about defense and protection during the Congress on Security in Dominican Republic

At present every hardware and software is exposed  to threats on the net. Some of this vulnerabilities are mainly detected by crackers or “black hats”, who look for and dedicate to affect computing systems to get any benefit and provoking damage to both people and companies.

Concerning current risk that affect several companies around the world, Rafael Núñez Aponte, Venezuelan expert on cyber security and CEO of MásQueSeguridad  and MásQueDigital, presented one of the main lectures on the 20th National Congress of Security at Dominican Republic. It was centered on Ethical Hacking, threats and cyber attacks, which can affect the organizations and against which they must protect.

The attacks increased during the first six month of the year

The expert indicated that according to the specialized site hackmaggedon, during the first 6 months of 2018 cyber illegal actions in general; also cyber espionage, the cyber war and the hacktivism increased considerably against 2017.

Núñez showed the participants astonishing and important figures and indicated that some techniques include models and practices of  social engineering, day zero attacksespionageassault and passwords damage.

It is a must to protect through Ethical Hackers

Rafa Núñez promotes the creation of safer information systems

Companies affected by cyber attacks get their finances and reputation compromised, and it is estimated that 90% of vulnerability will continue to exist. And an Ethical Hacker can identify and know how a malicious hacker thinks.

When a program of Ethical Hacking is contracted and implemented by a company it allows the construction of safe information systems, avoid the access of unauthorized cyber hackers, reduce the risk and, very important, maintain the confidence of customers, explained Rafael Núñez.

This leads to a frequent question: ¿What is the solution before so many malicious and not very ethical hackers?

There are two logical answers: the implementation of Ethical Hackers, and teaching on hacking techniques.

Industry companies are and will continue to be the focus of hackers, however the user will always be the final objective.

Other topics analyzed and discussed during the CNS were the citizens security strategies, banking threats, management of crisis and identity theft.

Source: Doble Llave

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