Qtum will be available in the Coincheck exchange

According to the exchange platform customers can make purchases, sales, shipments and receptions totally free

The crypto market has been influenced by the development of new digital currencies driven by various public and private companies. An example of this is Qtum, a cryptoactive that has been gradually noticed and will soon be used in Coincheck.

Known as a platform created for business, Qtum combines the strength of the bitcoin blockchain with the ethereum machine in order to make ideal contracts for any company. The intention is to create blockchain applications that can be used by any smart device.

According to information provided by the Coincheck exchange, with the tool users can make purchases, sales, shipments and receptions of this cryptocurrency in a completely free way.

The initiative is more attractive because Qtum can be used in the Coincheck loan service, which means that owning this cryptocurrency will not only keep safe existing money, but will also generate moderate income of about anual interest of 5%.

Coincheck users who do not have Qtum in their wallet should not worry, because once the cryptocurrency is activated in the exchange they will be able to make purchases using any other cryptocurrencies admitted to the exchange platform.


Source: Tecnología

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