Prosegur launches crypto custody solution for institutional market

The new service has been called Prosegur Crypto and offers broader insurance policies in the digital scene, framed in advanced cybersecurity protocols

Prosegur is the first Spanish security company, founded in 1976, to be listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange (1987). It is now venturing into the crypto ecosystem with the launch of a crypto custody solution for the institutional market.

The new service, called Prosegur Crypto, “offers broader insurance policies in the digital scenario, framed in advanced cybersecurity protocols,” according to company spokesmen, whose objective is to offer a supported “unique cryptocurrency custodytool in the infrastructures and “security protocols of Prosegur with the latest cryptographic and cybersecurity technologies.

According to the announcement, institutional clients that manage digital currencies will have a mobile application to store and manage their crypto assets, based on maximum protection systems against any cyber attack.

“Prosegur Crypto combines the highest standards in physical security, an area in which Prosegur is a world leader, with state-of-the-art cryptographic security technologies. Users’ private keys are stored in a physical Prosegur infrastructure, without an Internet connection, and the assets in custody are protected by military-grade cryptographic and logical security layers,” they underlined in the statement.

Raimundo Castilla, CEO of Prosegur Crypto, has indicated that with this innovative proposal they respond to a real need in the institutional market, through a comprehensive and reliable cryptocurrency custody service.

Prosegur Crypto “allows financial entities, government agencies, funds and investment managers, family offices or exchanges to execute the process of managing their digital assets, including sending transactions to blockchain, without direct connection to the Internet, maximizing protection against cyber attacks on blockchain-based assets.


Source: fundssociety

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