Chapter Venezuela – Training and coaching programs in conjunction with our partners:



Instituto Universitario de Profesiones Gerenciales – Private management organization for more than 20 years. The careers of Financial Management, Public Management and Industrial Management stand out. In particular, our alliance aims at the accomplishment of diplomas and courses of demanding level of content that facilitate the performance in the sectors of tourism and  hotel industry or of the new economy and its link with digital technologies



MásQueDigital – Agency of digital marketing, e-branding and computer security. Experts at the forefront of marketing, technology, communications and PR.


IntelInvest - Casa de valores

Intelinvest – House of values. It offers financial advice in order to maximize the return on your investment through market intelligence, information and training. It​’s main headquarters are located in Panama City, Panama.



Centro de Estudios para la Formación de Emprendedores (CEFE) Venezuela – Development consulting organization that uses simple learning techniques focused on action.



Fundasitio – Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative whose objective is to promote the activities of non-profit non-governmental organizations through the elimination of digital gaps, that is, the creation and donation of websites. They are suitable or have programs that allow the formation and development of personnel in the areas of technology and networks applied to social development organizations.


Fermin Marmol Garcia

Fermín Mármol García – Expert in security and crime issues. Criminal lawyer and university professor.


Francisco Salvador BJJ

Francisco Salvador / BJJ Combatives –  International personal protection specialist.


Alexis Rodriguez

Alexis Rodríguez – CEO of CryptoCapitalTeam. Expert in computer security and crypto-finance.


Luis Bustillos Tabata

Luis Bustillos Tábata – Expert in the prevention of computer and financial crimes. Computer forensic analyst, security in the financial system.