Poloniex launches mobile application for cryptocurrencies

The platform seeks to provide convenience and opening options for iOS and Android users

The digital currency exchange platform Poloniex once again offers practical new features to its users. This is the recent launch of a software for mobile devices that will allow those who use iOS and Android, to verify price fluctuations, graphics, set alerts and more in real time.

The world of cryptocurrencies and the possibilities of making money with the purchase and sale of these assets are the main impulse of the designers and computer engineers who seek to diversify the applications of new technologies for the common users.

With the new Poloniex software, which users can acquire in App Store and Play Store, it will be much more efficient to display the information related to investment strategies and cryptocurrency trading.

Since last February, the company has established an alliance with the company Circle, for the development of new applications and technical assistance to customers around the world, who will now be able to exchange more than 65 altcoins.

Circle, for its part, has shown interest in the expansion of Poloniex to other markets, with the aim of strengthening the positioning of the platform, as well as improving the connection between cryptocurrencies and FIAT money, particularly dollars and euros.


Source: Coincrispy

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