Peru restarts commercial international flights with destinations in South America

The transport of passengers by air was authorized to various destinations with a travel time of less than four hours

Peru restarts its international flight activities with destinations in South America, as reported by the Government in the framework of Phase 4 of the Economic Reactivation.

The national executive, Martín Vizcarra, announced that the measure is adjusted to certain conditions necessary for the protection of passengers, among which the transfer time of passengers to various destinations with a maximum of four hours.

According to Ministerial Resolution No. 0642-2020-MTC / 01 published in the official newspaper El Peruano, “the restart of passenger transport activities by air through international flights to health destinations” was approved, starting this October 5.

Among the destinations specified in the resolution, the following are mentioned: Guayaquil (01:45 hours), La Paz (01:45 hours), Quito (02:10 hours), Bogotá (02:20 hours), Santa Cruz (02:30 hours ), Cali (02:30 hours), Medellín (02:30 hours), Panama (03:00 hours), Asunción (03:30 hours), Montevideo (03:45 hours) and Santiago (04:00 hours).

Likewise, the Peruvian government has implemented the sanitary measures and protocols established by the World Health Organization in order to avoid contagion.

K. Villarroel


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