Peru leads legal equality ranking in Latin America

The World Bank claims that the South American country obtains the highest score in six of its eight indicators associated with economic empowerment

Peru is the country that awaits the best finances in South America. It fits the 22nd position of the 190 countries mid-scale of the global economy, with a 75.2 point valuation in global average and Latin American 79.2, as shows the report “Women Business and the Law”, carried out by the World Bank.

According to the report, in six of the eight indicators associated with economic empowerment, women are in legal equality with men: mobility, work, remuneration, entrepreneurship, assets and retirement. In the other two indicators, marriage and parentality, Peru has 80 points.

Carolina Trivelli, principal investigator of the Institute of Peruvian Studies, points out that in Peru there are rules that ensure that women have equal opportunities in the workplace. However, she warns that the problem lies in its application.

The Peruvian reality shows that 46% of 194 Peruvian organizations in 2019 have a documented gender equity policy but only 29.4% of these have an action plan to achieve it.

Despite the legal equality of formal employment in Peru, some women opt for informal jobs, because they find greater flexibility to perform various household-related roles, compared to the rigidity they would have in formal employment.


Source: Elcomercio

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