Paypal shows interest on cryptocurrencies

The company's intention is to explore direct cryptocurrency sales with its 325 million customers

The digital payments giant, PayPal, is innovating in the direct sale of cryptocurrencies for the benefit of the 325 million clients affiliated with the platform, thanks to the alliances that the American company has been strengthening with numerous experts in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Job descriptions are publicly available on PayPal’s website, which have fueled speculation about the payment company’s entry into the cryptocurrency market.

According to the source, Paypal is in search of a blockchain research engineer with the aim of working with its “newly formed group within the Strategic Technology Empowerment team, establishing knowledge and opinions on emerging technologies of blockchain and its possible uses in PayPal.”

According to the company’s requirements, applicants with experience in C ++, asymmetric encryption and cryptographic libraries are requested.

This is not the first time that Paypal requests the entry of developed professionals in the engineering area. Earlier this year, the job offers also increased in order to continue consolidating the group of blockchain researchers of the company.


Source: guiabitcoin

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