Panda Group expands PdS distribution in Cúcuta

The company Panda Group reported the addition of 10 terminals to the points of sales (PdS) of hybrid cryptocurrency that act as ATMs for Venezuelans in Cúcuta

In order to help Venezuelans, the firm installed 10 PdS in Colombia. Four of them are in the border city of Cúcuta and offer a wide functionality. Both, Venezuelans and Colombians can use the PdS for the purchase of bitcoin cash, bitcoin and DAI.

Arley Lozano, CEO of Panda Group, said that the machines process VES (Bolivars) and COP (Colombian pesos). The devices use the payment system to process payments and thus guard against the volatility of the Venezuelan currency.

It is worth noting that with volatile growth in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico, Latin America has become a potential market that all entrepreneurs of cryptocurrencies want to capture.

When entering the Panda.exchage platform, Colombians will be able to exchange more than 113 digital currencies with the use of Colombian pesos.

Panda Group launched in January the PdS under the name of Exceler. However, now the product was renamed Pandabtm and the machines can be located in Coinatmradar.

The four points of sale are in the vicinity of the Simón Bolívar International Bridge about 300 meters from the Táchira River and it is an option for Venezuelans who are looking for a way to save in the face of the crisis affecting the country.


Source: The Bitcoin Times

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