Panama will use mobile app in Colón’s cargo area

It will be used to monitor and optimize the service in the port on the shores of the Caribbean Sea

The Director of Commercial Operations of the Colón Free Zone, Panamá, Damaris Blanquicet, informed on May 14 that they will begin to use a mobile application to optimize the quality and efficiency of the service.

Although the date of the implementation of the app was not specified, it was stated that it will allow to expedite the process in the mobilization of the containers and all the cargo that moves through the free zone of the port in the Caribbean Sea. This will allow to reduce procedures to less than two hours, achieving greater efficiency in the verification of both the merchandise and driver documents, in addition to forms with data such as weight, content, date of entry and exit.

It is important to point out that through this Panamanian free zone annual import and export transactions are carried out in the order of 13,000 million dollars.


Source: La Estrella

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