Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin will always have scalability problems

The podcast presenter and teacher Andreas Antonopoulos stressed that the solution to this situation can not be permanent since new problems will arise each time

The presenter of the “Let’s Talk Bitcoin” podcast, Andreas Antonopoulos, assured that bitcoin cryptocurrency will always have scalability problems.

The professor of the “Digital Currency” master of the University of Nicosia and author of the book “Mastering Bitcoin” indicated that this inconvenience of cryptocurrency can not be solved permanently.

Antonopoulos explained that the different scales have their own problems and as people try to solve them, new conflicts arise with greater difficulties.

“You can not – at the beginning – solve the problem of the end; there is no end and also if you optimize prematurely and try to solve problems of scales that does not exist yet, you change the problem in the case of cryptocurrencies”, said the author.

On the other hand, Antonopoulos commented that the Schnorr firms would probably be the next step for the optimization of the btc network.

K. Tovar

Source: Coincrispy

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