Orange and Google develop new cloud services

Both companies announced a strategic partnership to accelerate a transformation with artificial intelligence

Orange and Google Cloud are associated in order to generate new advances in their operator through artificial intelligence and data processing, offering new services in the cloud.

The main objective is to create a new generation data analysis and machine learning platform, which will be supported by the technologies of the Google giant.

The information was released in a statement where both companies explained that their services will be offered in the cloud to private customers and companies in Europe that respond to their data management needs, especially for distribution, games and other sectors.

The strengthened strategic ties will allow the subsidiaries to work in the future for the development of services based on the 5G network in Europe. As a pilot plan, they will develop an innovation laboratory and a center of excellence that, among other things, will provide training.

The combination of services between Orange and Google Cloud is attractive because the French operator will contribute its knowledge in technological and communication services, as well as its international network infrastructure. And Google will provide its experience in cloud technologies and analysis tools, massive data as well as artificial intelligence.


Source: bancaynegocios

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