Opel continues the production of electric and hybrid cars

The German firm Opel celebrates 120 years of car manufacturing in 2019 and announced that in that year it will accelerate the electrification of its range of models

German cars maker Opel will accept orders for two vehicle models in the first half of next year, the all-electric version of the new Corsa and SUV Grandland X as a plug-in hybrid.

The new Corsa, whose first generation was released in 1982, offers a fully electric version for the first time and will have a competitive price.

The Grandland X plug-in hybrid, which Opel will produce at the German Eisenach plant from 2019, is conceived for customers who want more space and the sensation of being in a SUV. The hybrid propulsion system will develop the equivalent of 300 HP and comes with an electronic all-wheel drive technology.

The new medium-sized Opel Vivaro van, which will also be presented in 2019, will be available as a battery-powered electric vehicle in 2020 and the next generation of the compact Mokka X SUV, which production will begin in 2020, will also include a fully electrified version.


Source: PeriodistasenEspañol.com

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