Ohio tests blockchain personal identity system

The pilot test in the town of Dublin consists of the proposal of a database for the creation of a secure and private system of personal information and preferences

The state of Ohio, United States, recently conducted a test that will lead to the implementation of a blockchain personal identity system.

Through a system of request for proposals (RFP), the authorities of the state seek to create a database with personal information and the preferences of the inhabitants, based on the blockchain technology.

With this test, the county of Dublin becomes the most recent US location to prove the benefits of the blockchain in the public and municipal sector.

Among the applications that the authorities foresee for the blockchain technology are voting systems, surveys, development of identity platforms and the issuance of tokens.

In view of the fact that the initiative is based on a request for proposals, the winning participant will have the support of the municipal authorities for the promotion of the most viable technological solution.


Source: Coindesk

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