North Korea launches attacks using cryptocurrencies

A senior FBI official said that US sanctions encouraged North Korea to develop cyber attacks involving digital currencies

The attached assistant director of the FBI Cyber ​​Division, said Tonya Ugoretz financial tension between the two countries has led to state actors from North Korea to cybercrime. These words were offered at an event organized by the group of American experts The Aspen Institute.

Particularly, it is suspected that Pyongyang is behind several important campaigns of theft and ransomware of cryptoactives in recent years.

Undoubtedly, the attacks have varied. They can range from global ones as the WannaCry in 2017 to other more selective against the exchanges of South Korea and nearby nations.

Similarly, Ugoretz said: “Sanctions are having an economic impact, so cyber operations are a means to make money, either through mining criptocurrencies or bank robbery.”

In the same way, the debate about the true extent of digital currencies as a weapon to evade the political and economic sanctions remains controversial and has multiple edges.


Source: Cointelegraph

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