NGO Bitcoin Angentina trains more than 300 adolescents in blockchain

The Schools Project will be the pilot plan aimed at empowering knowledge about decentralized technologies

The non-profit NGO Bitcoin Argentina has started an educational program on disruptive technologies and decentralized economy with the aim of building a valuable foundation for future social transformation.

The pilot plan is intended to promote an educational program aimed at the attention of young people and adolescents, called “Project Schools“, with the main objective of making blockchain technology visible, as well as its possibilities of application, among high school students.

It has been carried out virtually between public and private schools in Argentina, setting the goal of training more than 300 students who are in the last grades of secondary education in 4th and 5th year of local education system, as well as the teachers who accompany the process.

Strengthening the educational area

Paola Vaccaro, executive director of the NGO, and Federico Andragnes, responsible for the training and consulting area, assure that the program is part of a process of growth and internal reorganization that has as its main vertebra the strengthening of the educational area.

The purpose is to present students and teachers with a range of emerging options in the labor market. Vaccaro also adds that the project could serve as a tool to tackle one of the latent social problems in Argentina and other latitudes: the employability of young people.

K. Villarroel

Source: iproup

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