New smart helmet with fall detection and internal ventilation

The helmet called Faro is designed for cyclists who ride in urban environments

The Unit 1 company, specialized in “wearables”, developed its smart helmet called Faro, designed for cyclists who drive in urban environments, for which it incorporates functionalities such as fall detection and internal ventilation.

Faro, which carried out a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter, employs a sleek design with simple lines, with safety lights at the rear and front to improve visibility for cyclists when driving, especially in the city.

At the back, the helmet has a red positioning light bar, as well as 40 LEDs located behind its fabric back, which can change color and be controlled with an application, for example, with day and night mode.

The Unit 1 helmet stands out especially for its intelligent functions, such as the use of its rear LEDs as indicators to visually mark when the rider is going to turn. For this, you need a compatible control, with brake and turn functions, which can be mounted on the handlebar of the bicycle and is included.

The functions of the helmet are controlled through the Faro mobile application, with which the user can customize the lights, the power consumption of the device to conserve the battery (1,850 mAh) or track the distance traveled.

Another of the main functions of Faro is fall detection. When the device detects a strong fall, it waits for the user to respond, and if not, sends an alert message to a predetermined contact with the location of the fall.

It also incorporates a total of five fans inside, in order to maintain the temperature of the device.

Source: Doblellave

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