New ransomware on Android is activated by pressing the start button

Microsoft issued the warning to users about the virus called AndroidOS / MalLocker.B, hidden in some applications

The technology company Microsoft alerted the community about a ransomware hidden in some of the applications and that apparently is activated by the start button and the incoming call notification.

The virus was identified as ‘AndroidOS / MalLocker.B‘. It is activated once the user accesses the online forums as well as when opening third-party web pages. Although the encryption does not take place, access to the phone is blocked.

When the ransomware is installed, a message appears on the phone screen that mimics that of the authorities, indicating that the person is committing a crime, for which they must pay a fine.

By notifying the incoming call, attackers display a message that covers the entire screen and prevents any action from being taken.

The recommendation of the authorities and cybersecurity experts to users is not to download applications from third-party pages to avoid falling into the hands of criminals on the network.


Source: europapress

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