New Apple M1 chip says goodbye to Intel on Macs

The new processor will be equivalent to the A-series of the A14 chip presented for iPhone and iPad

The technology giant, Apple, has announced a new notable leap in terms of technology efficiency, thanks to the creation of an innovative processor that, according to the company’s expectations, will end the company’s dependence on Intel processors .

Previously known as Apple Silicon, it will be equivalent to the A14 chip series presented for iPhone and iPad and will be designed exclusively for Macs, since its structure will be conditioned by means of bridges that allow the inclusion of architecture ARM bringing with it a new level of connection never seen before between all teams.

So far it is known that the chip has an 8-core CPU that can be up to two times more efficient per watt than any other current design on the market, which translates into an average performance of 2.6 Teraflops.

The new component comes with a 16-core Neural Engine system that will focus on the development of functions related to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The system is supported by the operation of 16 million transistors incorporated in its structure, added to the action of its 5 nanometer processor, which makes the device the first of its kind for laptops.


Source: tekcrispy

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