Netflix could launch discount plans

The streaming entertainment service plans to create promotions of several months that are lower cost if the user acquires it

The streaming platform Netflix has been testing since December in India a new, more attractive plan for consumers that would have a discount of several months at a discount, something that could be offered later worldwide.

With this discount plan, new users can choose between a three-month plan with a 20% discount, a six-month plan with a 30% discount and a 12-month plan with a 50% discount.

“We believe that our users could value flexibility when paying several months at a time,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said at a press conference in the Indian capital.

“This is a test and we will only present it more broadly if users find it useful”, said the executive.

In July, the company also introduced its first mobile-only plan in India for $ 3 a month to address the more than 478 million smartphone users in the country.

Later, in October, Netflix launched a similar plan in Malaysia for $ 4 a month, so the streaming company might be thinking of extending these rates to other countries.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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