NEM Foundation includes a Venezuelan on its board of directors

Pedro Gutiérrez is the first Latin American to be part of the board of this foundation that is responsible for managing infrastructure, marketing and the community for the NEM ecosystem, aimed at the widespread adoption of blockchain technology

The Venezuelan businessman Pedro Gutiérrez was elected as director for Latin America of the NEM Foundation (New Economy Movement). He resides in Bogotá, Colombia, and is the director of the company Synergy CriptoAdviser.

Among its initiatives for the region and Europe is the promotion of the creation of embassies in Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico and Spain. In addition, he has motivated the realization of local and international events to promote the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

It is the first time that a Latin American citizen is included in the board of directors of the NEM; a national pride for Venezuela and the rest of the region. Gutiérrez is an enterpreneur with the ambition of taking the achievements reached so far to other countries.

During an interview with the media, he said: “As a scoop, I can announce that for the coming year there will be a strong emphasis on the establishment of government alliances and the consolidation of some plans that aim to generate sustainability for the region. In 2019, branches of the NEM Foundation will be created in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. “

Regarding his role as the new board member of the NEM, the Venezuelan has indicated that his proposals are oriented to the development of businesses around the world with large-scale application. They will take into account the opportunities available to generate income in each region, but with an emphasis on the Latin American axis.


Source: Termometroenlinea

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