NBA and Dapper Labs will launch blockchain based game

Users may have unique items such as players and seasonal moves which may be used to compete against other people

The National Basketball Association of the United States (NBA) and Dapper Labs announced a partnership to launch a digital platform of collectibles based on blockchain technology, which will be called NBA Top Shot.

With the new application, fans will be able to buy, sell and exchange digital items of the season, such as “Kevin Durant’s 3-point shot or Joel Emiid dump”. Collectibles can also be used for online games or tournaments.

The NBA Top Shot tool will allow users to acquire players and create lists with additional property, which lies in buying specific movements from the previous season.

This Dapper Labs product arrives two years after the launch of CryptoKitties, the number one blockchain-based game and some months after the launch of its second game Cheese Wizards.

The NBA Top Shot Collectibles initiative will be launched in the fall just for the start of the regular NBA season, developing a full version in early 2020. For its part, Dapper Labs says they are “working directly with the association to ensure that players benefit from the experience.”

L. Saenz

Source: Diario Bitcoin

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