Mozilla Firefox offers new security and privacy features

With the new version number 69, this Internet browser will block cryptocurrency mining, a digital medium of exchange that ensures financial transactions

Thus the navigation company offers its users more reliability and security against cryptominers; known as the process in which transactions for various cryptocurrencies are verified and added to the blockchain digital accounting book and that also puts the network at risk by reducing its performance.

This action has increased its activity through the browser in recent times, which led Firefox to consider the incorporation of specifications to block this action at the time of being detected on any website.

Among the privacy options that reinforce the operating system is shielding it to prevent cryptocurrency mining machines from helping third-party websites do the job.

This new version will also prevent malicious invaders from monitoring user movements through networks through cookies, so Firefox will block these windows of information, bypassing those already stored in the web browser.


Source: Fayerwayer

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