More than 600 young people joined the Educational Network for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The results of its educational network program for sustainable entrepreneurship will be presented on June 8 by the civil association Opción Venezuela

The civil association Opción Venezuela will present this coming June 8 the results of its Educational Network for Sustainable Entrepreneurship program. Its execution is possible thanks to the Social Investment Fund, the flagship program of Venezuela sin Límites, which has promoted high-impact projects for more than 17 years.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 4, Quality Education, Option Venezuela has launched this project that seeks to offer answers to: the deficit of teachers and teachers, they’re outdated and the low proportion of teachers with qualifications minimum required in digital skills, vocational guidance, employment promotion, decent work, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, among others (target and indicator of SDG 4.4); as well as the low degree of incorporation of education for sustainable development, including gender equality and human rights in curricula, teacher training and student assessment (target – SDG indicator 4.7) .

In response, the Educational Network for Sustainable Entrepreneurship was born, a proposal for raising awareness and training available for teachers and students in matters of life purpose, entrepreneurship and sustainability, which has more than 150 testimonials from Venezuelan entrepreneurs, who thanks to the power of their stories (storytelling), provides value and inspiration to the participants of these training experiences.

A methodology of sustainable options for Venezuela

The program was carried out in three phases: in the first, a training design for raising awareness and training in skills for sustainable entrepreneurship was created, with workshops on life projects, entrepreneurship and sustainability, as well as sharing inspiring testimonies. In the second, promoters were trained in the three key issues who became the replicators of these contents among adolescents and young people.

Students of the workshop carried out in Maturín
Students of the workshop carried out in Maturín


In the third, they carried out more than 30 workshops in 11 states of the country (Aragua, Bolívar, Carabobo, Capital District, Lara, Miranda, Monagas, Nueva Esparta, Yaracuy, Táchira and Zulia), beginning the formation of a network of more than 600 young people and adults, between 15 and 24 years old, who attend schools, high schools, universities or are linked to youth organizations, who from now on will begin to incorporate notions of sustainable entrepreneurship into their professional practice, in a world that increasingly demand.

The initiative is driven by the potential of the network of facilitators and promoters that Option Venezuela has been weaving in more than 10 states of the country, as well as the wealth of testimonies, content and tools for Venezuela and its young people to seek to move from the “disappointment” and “resentment” at the ambition to undertake sustainable options for the future. “It motivates us to bet on the construction of a productive, supportive and sustainable country. Productive that stimulates manufacturing instead of selling raw materials (oil, minerals); in solidarity with the victims of the complex humanitarian emergency and those who are not yet being strengthened in their capacities to be able to live autonomously and entrepreneurially in Venezuela; sustainable since it is a priority to promote a development model that is committed not only to economic growth, but also promotes solutions that reverse global warming and also generates a positive impact on people”, said Félix Ríos, Co-Founder and President of Option Venezuela AC.

Opción Venezuela empowers responsible leaders

Option Venezuela, which this year will reach two decades of work, has been inspired by the purpose of empowering responsible leaders, from schools, communities, companies, among other collective spaces, so that through their undertakings and initiatives build “the world you want in the world you have.”

With this proposal, a network experience is promoted that offers young Venezuelans a space for reflection on their life purpose, the possibility of undertaking, in addition to incorporating the vision of sustainability. “It is also inspiring for the workshop participants to show them the stories of Venezuelans, talented people who make a difference, inside and outside our borders, who reinvent themselves in the face of difficulties, are resilient personally and from their most varied initiatives” Rivers shares.

As an example of the power of testimonies, there are the stories of Ron Chávez (humorist), Selene Quiroga (pianist) and Maickel Melamed, who have been able to enrich the workshops on life projects; the experiences of Andrés Simón González (Venemergencia – Asistensi), Claudia Valladares (Impact Hub Caracas), Jeserik Pinto (Olympic swimmer) and Fernando Rodríguez (cuatrista musician), those of entrepreneurship. While the stories of Andrés Solorzano (Leather Heart), Mafe Vera (Melao Lab), Andrea Martínez (Zona Rasta Family), Feliciano Reyna (Acción Solidaria) and Luisa Pernalete (Fe y Alegría); they have contributed valuable ideas to talk about sustainability; among other testimonies available on the Youtube channel of Option Venezuela AC.

Learn more about the results

Now, Opción Venezuela invites you to know the details and results of the Educational Network for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, in an online event, next June 8, at 4:00 p.m., Venezuela time, through its YouTube channel and its account in Instagram: @opcionvenezuela.

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