MinexPay is the first crypto debit card

The debit card will allow faster transactions anywhere the client is located

Faster purchases and payments in cryptocurrencies in any trade, store, service office will be possible thanks to the new MinexPay card created by the blockchain company MinexSystems. The firm had already developed MinexCoin and MinexBank, achieving wide acceptance in the market.

MInexPay thus becomes the first VISA compatible card to facilitate payment in digital currencies as it is currently done in the official currency of each country. The solution was developed to respond to the demands of the cryptocurrency boom in the world.

Before they were concentrated to the financial sector, but they have extended to the daily life of the common citizens, who participate in the purchase and sale of cryptoactives. It will be offered in Standard, Golden, Platinum and Infinite formats.

Among the most outstanding features of the card are the ease of payment worldwide, friendly and safe use, permanent balance update, low commissions in withdrawals by ATMs. This makes it similar to current debit and credit cards.

The creators of the payment tool opened the order period on June 30 and expect a high demand from users of cryptocurrencies, thus offering a functional and novel solution.


Source: BitcoinPRBuzz

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