Microsoft releases its second edition of #EduGameDay

The celebration will take place virtually on June 13 and will have solidarity purposes from Juegaterapia

Microsoft has announced the celebration of the second edition of #EduGameDay, a day that incorporates video games and education, which will be held, virtually, on June 13, and that will have solidarity purposes thanks to Juegaterapia.

#EduGameDay aims to be the meeting point for professionals and members of the video game industry and the educational community, as well as to demonstrate the multiple benefits of video games as a tool in the classroom, as the company points out in a statement.

Xbox defends the argument about that video games “are not just a leisure tool”, and points out that there are many teachers “who use them or those who integrate within their educational methodology to encourage and get the attention of their students.”

Precisely, during the #EduGameDay different projects and experiences will be announced in which this tool is used in a classroom. Educational experiences, inspirational talks and remote workshops will be offered for teachers, families and students.

This year’s edition will also be a charity event. Together with Juegaterapia, Microsoft wants to help children with cancer to continue having fun and learning through video games. For this reason, during the celebration of #EduGameDay, the technology company will launch different actions to collect the maximum possible aid.

Source: dpa

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