Microsoft presented the new version of Edge

The company created by Bill Gates presented the latest version of its browser based on the Chromium engine

Microsoft will begin to implement the new version of its Microsoft Edge browser and its Bing search engine, based on the Google Chromium engine and aimed at its use by companies and professionals, for Windows 10 users.

Users will start receiving this update in the browser and in the search engine and should switch to the new version. However, professionals may delay this update until the moment they wish.

“Organizations with updates managed through Windows Update for Business (WUfB) will not automatically receive this update and do not need to implement the blocking toolkit,” the company said through its blog.

This browser runs on the same Chromium engine as the Google Chrome app, which improves its compatibility and performance as Microsoft assures.

Among other things, the new Microsoft Edge includes the default tracking tool, to find out who accesses the data and who can share it.

K. Tovar

Source: ComputerHoy

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