Microsoft enables service to create blockchain applications

The company, together with JP Morgan Chase, will work with the Azure platform which uses the ethereum blockchain

The partnership of Microsoft Corp and JP Morgan Chase will allow the creation of blockchain technology applications for corporate users.

The Morgan financial institution will use the services offered by Microsoft Azure to promote the Quorum platform, which is based on the ethereum blockchain.

In this way, Quorum becomes the first platform based on blockchain available through Azure.

An official statement from Microsoft indicates that this alliance will also allow the strengthening of Quorum with its set of blockchain tools, so that companies can modify infrastructure management in the creation of applications.

Executive Vice President of Development, Peggy Johnson, noted that “as digital transformation extends beyond the walls of an individual organization, companies need solutions that allow them to safely share their business processes and data to drive new models of imaginative businesses and reinvent industries.”

Both companies also agreed to continue working to solve common problems in the corporate sector, as well as to respond to developers and independent software providers for the creation of blockchain apps in Quorum through Azure.

K. Tovar

Source: Coincrispy

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