Microsoft Edge is now able to recognize fake news

The new company tool created by Bill Gates will help identify information that is false or manipulated

Microsoft’s Edge browser, despite not having much popularity in the market, has always shown great efforts to improve its performance mainly in its mobile version.

His most recent update has stood out a lot since the company created by Bill Gates decided to integrate NewsGuard, a platform that is responsible for searching and detecting information that can be considered false or manipulated.

For the time being, this tool will work for the United States or those contents that are written in English. However, it will be extended later to other countries and languages.

To be able to use it, the customer will need to access the configuration option and locate it by its name so that it starts with its identification.

Those who download the latest version of Edge will automatically receive this addon. All as a product of Microsoft’s Defending Democracy cooperation program.

K. Tovar

Source: Globovision

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