Microsoft buys one of the most dangerous domains on the Internet now belongs to the technology multinational after being in the hands of Mike O’Connor

Last February, the domain – which is considered the most dangerous for users in the world – was displayed in the sales catalog, after its former owner Mike O’Connor offered it for USD 1.7 million.

The domain was acquired by Redmond-based multinational technology company Microsoft, who through a statement said the goal is “to help keep systems protected; we encourage customers to practice trustful security habits when planning domain names. and internal network.”

In a security report from the firm Krebs On Security, O’Connor had refused to sell the domain “” as being one of the most sensitive of all, capable of accessing passwords, monitoring customer traffic or serve malicious files affecting the main corporations in the world.

For a clearer explanation, security researcher Krebs indicates that “the problem is known as a namespace collision, a situation in which domain names destined to be used exclusively in an internal company network end up overlapping with domains that can be resolved normally on the open Internet.”

The fear that O’Connor maintained for a long time is that this domain would fall into the hands of cybercriminals or hackers, something that would be an imminent danger because under the name of this service, some spy could access Windows user credentials and hash passwords sent to the server when they try to access shared resources on the network.


Source: tekcrispy

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