Mexico ranks 63rd in cybersecurity worldwide

The country ranks 63 in the global cybersecurity index and the fourth regionally, according to information provided by the International Telecommunication Union

Internet attacks continue to increase in the world. The agencies in charge of cybersecurity establish alliances to detect attacks that are more sophisticated.

Mexico is one of the countries of the American continent that stands out in this matter. Currently ranked 63 of the Global Cybersecurity Index, according to information from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

The first place in the ranking of IGC is occupied by the United Kingdom, and is ranked as the best protected against threats and attacks by web pirates. On the other hand, the last place is for the Maldives, with place 175.

The data, which place Mexico in 63rd position worldwide and number 4 in the regional scenario, are the result of research carried out by the ITU since 2017 in order to deepen the sensitivity of the people about the need for data protection.

The agency carries out evaluations taking into account the “legal, technical, organizational, capacity building and cooperation” aspects in each member country to grant the qualification.

Although the news is positive for Mexico, which is at the level of average cyber protection, the nation remains vulnerable to external attacks. The legislation in this matter is in development in this country.



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