Mexico applies blockchain technology in the agricultural sector

The country applies blockchain to achieve real solutions in a key sector of its economy

The Mexican economy is committed to the development of efficient systems in the agricultural sector through the application of blockchain technology. They have sustainable projects, tokens and cryptocurrencies with specific application in agriculture. Although it is not the only country to support the use of this technology, it is a pioneer in America.

A key sector that seeks to protect through the chains of blocks is the environment. The bet is for the development of systems that allow healthier crops and reduce the emission of pollutants to the environment.

AgroCoin is an important example in this regard. It is a token developed by Amar Hidroponia, a company dedicated to the cultivation of habanero peppers that has been operating with blockchain technology and smart contracts for a few months. The objective is to achieve stability and encourage investment.

The country seeks to include all Mexicans in the agricultural sector, regardless of whether they have professional training or basic knowledge. Of course, they also focus on improvements in the labor sector of the actors in the area and increase performance.

Other countries with initiatives in the use of blockchain technology in the agricultural sector are Laos and Malaysia. The first launched BananaCoin, a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum whose price is determined by the value of the item. The second one launched the green EcoBit initiative to offer credits in the ecobit cryptocurrency.

The technologies related to the digital economy were born to offer solutions to all sectors of the productive life of both nations and individuals.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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