Meta Quest 3 will hit the market on October 10

Meta confirmed the release of Quest 3 on October 10. The new headset will offer high-resolution color mixed reality and Qualcomm's XR2 Gen2 chip

Meta has confirmed that Quest 3, its new commercial mixed reality headset, will hit the market on October 10 powered by Qualcomm’s XR2 Gen2 processor and high-resolution color cameras.

In June, Meta already presented its new commercial virtual reality headset, Quest 3, with which it hopes to repeat and surpass the success that Quest 2 has achieved in this market, with a proposal that, for the first time, offers color high resolution mixed reality technology.

It is a more compact independent viewer than its predecessor, since it manages to reduce its size by 40 percent without affecting the comfort of its use, as claimed by the technology company. Also supports the Quest 2 game catalog.

It is, as detailed by Meta’s executive director, Mark Zuckerberg, in Meta Connect 2023, the “most powerful” viewer they have created, capable of merging the physical world with the digital world.

This is because it is the first headset to integrate Qualcomm’s XR2 Gen 2 processor and because it offers graphics with 10 times more pixels than the Quest 2 and its two dedicated color camera sensors and assisted scene capture technology.

Next month, the catalog of programs will grow with Meta Quest for Business, a platform that brings together productivity applications. And in December, it will be compatible with the gaming platform on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Next year, in addition, ‘Augments’ will be launched, frames with which the virtual space can be decorated, coming from videos and photos from the company’s social networks, such as Instagram Reels.

Source: dpa

(Referential image source: META, Europa Press / dpa)

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