McAfee launches its own decentralized exchange platform

The American businessman launched his exchange called Dex, which works within the ethereum blockchain

The American businessman and cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee launched his own decentralized exchange platform called Dex.

This platform, which operates within the ethereum blockchain, will work in a beta status starting this very Monday.

The businessman had already announced through his social networks that it would take “time for enough users to join to make it happen, but if you play and are patient, the platform can serve as the door that we frees from the cornerstone of government control: fiat currencies. It can’t be closed.”

McAfee says that the cryptocurrency community faces the question of whether their aspirations are limited to simply expanding the possibilities of pure speculation, “all about money,” or about an ideal: freedom.

Following complaints related to government control over fiat currencies, the American businessman went directly to the crypto spaces, ensuring that centralized spaces are our weaknesses.

K. Tovar

Source: Masterhacks

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