Mastercard will allow anonymous transactions with blockchain

To achieve this, the financial services corporation obtained a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Mastercard received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to allow its clients to conduct anonymous transactions. Even though the financial corporation maintains its negative position towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, with the patent advances towards an improvement in the online payment system.

The request was made in 2016 but until now Mastercard has been waiting for the favorable decision of the agency. Now it has the technological solution to make it available to the wide portfolio of customers of its cards worldwide.

The main objective of the corporation is to maintain the anonymity of the data of customers who wish not to appear in the system trail when they make a payment for any item. With the measure they seek to satisfy the needs of confidentiality and security in the network.

According to information provided by Mastercard, the system is still based on a third-party processing service where a record of the identity data of those involved is maintained, which in turn generate a chain of data that can be traced.

US authorities maintain strict control over anonymous transactions with the Monero and Zcash cryptocurrencies to prevent illegal acts such as buying and selling drugs and financing terrorist acts.


Source: InformaciónBitcoin

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