Marriott hotels database suffers cyber attack

The hotel chain was the victim of a hack that seriously damaged the customer database. The case is considered one of the worst in recent months

The hotel chain of worldwide reputation JW Marriott suffered one of the worst hacks in recent years. Although the person in charge has not yet been identified, it is known that the incident began in 2014 with the encryption of information from its database.

Last Friday the largest chain of hotels entered the list of the most serious attacks by the number of affected, amounting to 500 million people. The data that was stolen included “names, addresses, telephones, email accounts, passport numbers, hotel entry and exit times and even encrypted credit card information (the latter only in some cases),” according to information provided to the press.

Spokesmen for Marriott have pointed out that the attackers managed to access their database and then encrypted information from nearly 350 million customers in 2014.

The criminal action places the chain of hotels in third place on the list of the worst cyber attacks, only below Yahoo that in 2013 suffered a massive attack that exposed the data of 3 billion accounts.

The vulnerability of the platforms keeps the cybersecurity specialists from all over the world busy, who dedicate time and resources to establish barriers to the increasingly sophisticated hackers.


Source: BBC

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