Marbella launches its own cryptocurrency

The city located on the south west coast of Spain already has its own digital currency

In order to get closer to the inhabitants of the city, the Blockchain Marbella Cultural Association created MarbellaCoin as an initiative framed in various actions related to the acquisition of blockchain technology.

The cryptoactive seeks to encourage commercial exchange within the city. For its part, the technology allows the development of decentralized applications (dapps), which are executed to store information and perform operations within MarbellaChain, the blockchain of the new cryptocurrency.

It is expected that the inhabitants, businesses and organizations of the city use decentralized technology not only for transactions but also to establish digital contracts, without the need for notaries or arbitrators, accelerating the growth of the city thanks to digital efficiency.

MarbellaChain is an open platform which 1% coins were pre-mined making the distribution as follows: 0.5% for 79 members of the Blockchain Cultural Association of the city and the remaining 0.5% for rewards and free online distribution.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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