Malena Arteaga talks about good conversations which helps us to be more effective

They are useful for team alignment and integration, and a highly effective skill for entrepreneurs and executives, explains the coach and director of Consultores Avante

María Elena Arteaga Hernández (Malena), director of Consultores Avante, said that the possibilities of living with others in the spaces in which each individual works are determined by the abilities he or she has to establish conversations with others.

Together with staff, she welcomed us for an interview and stressed that “building conversations” is not about “just talking with the other” to fill the spaces in which we meet together (…). “I refer to the ability to distinguish the moments of the relationship that require key and powerful conversations to go to a next level of depth and also the loyalty between the parties, as well as in the commitments to achieve common interests.”

“Effective” conversation is a skill to develop, while it is tested in critical moments, in adverse situations. Especially when differences emerge from one another or just become visible, either because it does not resemble me or because it does not necessarily have to be or do the same way I think or say”, underlines the executive coach.

“So, what to do at that moment: do I quit ?, evade the situation? These alternatives are not always viable or ‘real’, because in every relationship there is something we value and want to keep; so we are called to recover the ‘health’ of the relationship, reviewing those aspects that allow us to evaluate and redefine what is necessary to enrich and consolidate it over time.”

“The way we decide or choose to be present in the interaction with others (workplace, family, colleagues, neighbors) will determine the identity we constitute in that space, since we ‘are’ the conversations we have and also the ones we don’t have.”

In conclusion, Malena Arteaga indicates and invites us to reflect a bit. I recently read this phrase, she says, from Claudio Naranjo (Chilean psychiatrist and writer who became one of the pioneers and maximum referents of transpersonal psychology): “The problem is not that people do not believe in the divine, but they do not believe in the depth of the human being.” And this brings me the message that the possibilities of living in a healthy, peaceful and harmonious world are related to my possibilities of a more conversational human being.

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