Malena Arteaga considers there is an encounter between “the human and the divine”

Strengthening leadership to gather together the will of others, adding contributions, making efforts and showing skills on the initiatives that we have to direct, and for the fulfillment of objectives, goes beyond the strictly corporate world, says the coach and facilitator

There is currently a demand and need to refine the methods used in daily management, both in complex business organizations, as well as in medium-sized and more personal ventures, including in the performance of our roles as “heads of family”, to do it better. In this connection, we interviewed and discussed these issues with María Elena Arteaga Hernández (Malena), who is the director of Consultores Avante.

Arteaga Hernández serves as executive coach and facilitator of team processes for alignment and integration at work; as well as in accompaniment to businessmen and executives for skills development and leadership strengthening.

“When observing my daily thoughts, I frequently find that they concur and become a subject that, although presented with some variations, go around a single idea linked to the question about how to coexist with others, in peace and in harmony? This is something like reaching a Nirvana of coexistence, whose results are experienced on the physical side and not on the divine side,” she explains.

As a talented consultant for organizations, she has often heard that one of the sources of “pain” in companies emerges from interdepartmental barriers due to the difficulties of their teams to integrate or get aligned according to common objectives. “In more individual spaces, such as coaching conversations with executives or entrepreneurs, the challenges that distinguish their role also frequently points to those who demand leadership exercises to summon the wills of their collaborators, to add their own efforts and skills to the initiatives they handle, and to the fulfillment of objectives,” she stresses.

The director of Consultores Avante points out that, however, there are other spaces that we inhabit beyond the organizational or corporate world, which also count on this concern. Indeed, she talks about the family, neighbors, fellow students, colleagues, just to mention some contexts in which it can be assumed that the difficulties of living together are not necessarily more complex than those mentioned above.

“What has already been listed could be reduced (without the intention of trivializing) in a somewhat existential question: How to live with others, whom I did not choose and with whom I must integrate and relate?”, she adds.

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