Maduro says automotive market will be based in petro cryptocurrency

As a measure of activation of the Venezuelan automotive market, the politician said that by 2019 it is planned to assemble at least 350 transport units, among other things

This weekend Nicolás Maduro indicated that it is expected to have an automotive market in Venezuela managed by petro cryptocurrency during 2019 and that the government will also have investments from Russia, and other countries.

On the other hand, Maduro said that it is expected that this sector may be able to assemble at least 350 transport units.

Everything points out that the management of Maduro offered “all fiscal, tax, financial measures to the automotive sector of Venezuela in order that they can export their production, and, on the other hand, commercialize it in the nation in the active convertible crypto petro”.

“We need to turn our industry, in all its components, into an export industry step by step, little by little, and I am willing to give you all the customs, tax, and financial benefits so that you can export a percentage of your car and buses production to the international market and with that money they have to be able to invest”, he explained.

K. Tovar

Source: Bancaynegocios

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