Lufthansa works on service improvements through AI

The German airline wants to count on IBM's support in order to improve in this area, always with the help of Artificial Intelligence

The German airline Lufthansa will use artificial intelligence to improve service to its customers, according to Mirco Bharpalania, director of Data Analytics at the German company.

Bharpalania said the technology will be used, among other things, in the help center that supports Lufthansa employees in internal matters.

“Employees from all over the world will be able to call and get answers to questions such as how to check in a passenger who has three surfboards,” said the manager regarding this new improvement.

Through good service, the company wants to distinguish itself positively from the competition. “We are in a very competitive environment in the aviation industry. It is about improving quality and providing the right information timely.”

The German airline wants to work together with the technology giant IBM in the development of new solutions. One of the first projects of the Lufthansa Group AI Studio is the use of IBM Watson solutions.

Another priority of the concept, which uses Watson artificial intelligence capabilities, will be the call service for end customers.

The data, partially unstructured, will be analyzed using a combination of different IBM cloud services and will also be available in natural language.

K. Tovar


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