LinkedIn will include the “Stories” in its network

Developers want to create a better feedback between users with interactive content

The social network oriented to business relationships LinkedIn announced that they are testing the Stories on the platform internally in order to facilitate and encourage conversations between users.

The Stories are messages, images or short videos that are available for a certain time. This format has gained popularity in recent years thanks to applications such as Instagram or Snapchat that use it.

In recent years, LinkedIn has been adding features such as Newsletters, live videos, trend news or reactions to encourage conversation between users. According to the company, the interactions have increased by 25% in the last year.

At the moment the company is experimenting internally with its own version of the Stories.

The company believes that in addition to encouraging communication, it will also help users to show the most important parts of their events or the possibility of giving tips and tricks to work more efficiently.

K. Tovar

Source: Microsofters

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