LinkedIn bets on AI for profiling

The jobs network created new AI-based functionalities in order to help users and employers

LinkedIn announced the implementation of new capabilities powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help users build their profiles and employers to offer better job descriptions.

The work platform launched more than 100 learning and training courses focused on generative AI that go “from basic concepts to advanced applications of this technology.”

With this, as indicated by the work network, it implemented two new tools that take advantage of the advanced models of OpenAI GPT so that, on the one hand, companies find facilities when describing the positions they offer and, on the other, that professionals can develop a more efficient profile.

LinkedIn has specified that this feature is aimed at subscribers of the premium or paid version, which “provides personalized writing suggestions” for its ‘About‘ sections and the professional headline of the profile, as it has commented in a statement.

It should be remembered that this is not the first functionality that LinkedIn introduces into its service using AI, since at the beginning of March it announced that it would use it to generate collaborative articles on specific topics, as well as start conversations between experts who use the platform.

K. Tovar

Source: Whatsnews

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