Lingham: “The world will have a more stable financial system”

The CEO and co-founder of Civic Technologies explained that the new finances will bring benefits for the world economy

During an interview, the CEO and co-founder of Civic Technologies, Vinny Lingham, said that cryptocurrencies will help improve the financial system that currently exists.

As detailed by the South African, today the “world wants a more stable money supply“, and that this can be achieved thanks to the contributions offered by the digital currency community.

However, Lingham stressed that currently cryptocurrencies “are in diapers” so there is still much work ahead to finally reach maturity.

“It will take years of coding, experience and many failures before the cryptography industry begins to mature,” the co-founder said.

He also added that there is great possibility that bitcoin loses its value and reaches up to three thousand dollars, but that by 2020 its recovery would be perceived.

K. Tovar

Source: CoinCrispy

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