Line Pay and Visa team up to offer new services to customers

Visa customers will benefit as companies will work together for merchants to interact with the Line Pay service and a digital wallet

The Japanese application provider Line Pay Corporation has signed an agreement with Visa to create new fintech services for retail customers and merchants.

Both companies affirmed that they will collaborate in innovative financial experiences in global areas, transfer platforms and blockchain. According to the firm, the planned offers will allow users to use payments between companies and cross-border payments, as well as alternative currency transactions.

In the same way, Line Pay users may request a digital Visa card to use within the digital wallet application. Also, they can add existing cards to make payments from mobile phones.

Line Pay customers can use the services in the 54 million Visa establishments. In the same way, they can see the transactions in their Line Pay application.

For his part, Youngsu Ko – CEO of Line Pay and Line Fintech Company – said: “With the network and the global infrastructure of Visa, Line Pay users will be able to enjoy the advantages of this innovative network worldwide.”


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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