Libra Association launches a reward program for the public 

The process began on Tuesday and aims to dispel public concerns about the Libra cryptocurrency

Facebook remains in the eye of the world’s financial regulators, particularly the United States and Europe, since the announcement of the possible launch of “Libra”, its  digital currency.

This Tuesday it was announced through the official Libra website that the Libra Association implemented a public reward program. This initiative seeks to clarify the doubts and concerns of citizens regarding currency.

Undoubtedly, the main idea is to promote the trust of potential customers through the transparency and openness that cryptocurrencies have been offering since their appearance in the financial market.

Michael Engle, director of the developer ecosystem of the Libra Association, said that people who register for the program will be able to receive more than USD 10,000 for identifying errors in the system. He added: “The goal is to help the Libra project researchers discover the inconveniences that are affecting the credibility of the cryptocurrency, while it is still being tested.”

It is important to clarify that the rewards program does not include Facebook. Discussions are still going on as to whether Libra is classified as an alleged fraud, despite having the support of more than one hundred members of the Libra Association.


Source: TGPress

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